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Online Writing Freelance Course


Our course touches on academic writing, article writing, copywriting, and blogging, making it the best online freelance writing training course that will unlock your power in the online freelance writing industry.

25 lessons await you, and that’s why the course is rated the best freelance online writing course in Kenya.

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Need Online Writing Training?

LEGIT ONLINE WRITERS is an online writing training company located in Kitengela that helps new, established and aspiring writers, use their skills to invest in the online writing business. Check here the best online freelance writing sites that pay.

Can we help you learn online writing?

YES. We will be so glad to help.

What you will get from our online writing course :- ?

  • Freelance Academic Writing training
  • Freelance Article Writing Training
  • Freelance Blogging training
  • A Freelance Writing Account
  • Your own free or paid wordpress Blog
  • A fully Detailed writing portfolio to help you land good paying clients
  • Your Own online Payment account linked with mpesa (if you dont have one)
  • Linking you with possible employers & platforms so you never miss jobs
  • A one Week Paid Internship with us (We send you work and get paid for approved orders)
  • A certificate at the end of the training to help you land writing gigs.

So , whether you are new or established writer , join our super interactive online writing training course. Here, you will not only sharpen your writing skills, but also learn how to invest in them.

We provide a comprehensive 25 lessons in our training, fully equipped with:-

  1. An academic writing training course
  2. An article freelance writing course
  3. A copywriting freelance course
  4. A blogging course
  5. General online writing course
  6. Apa formatting skills course
  7. MLA formatting skills course
  8. Chicago formatting skills course
  9. Harvard formatting skills course

Interested in understanding how to write good content? Want to take the beat freelance course that will make you attract online freelance jobs? Oir course will also help you acquire content marketing strategies, how to define your target audience when writing, use of proper keyword stuffing and creating a perfect buyer persona.


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